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Sound management of chemicals and their associated wastes in Southeast Asia (SEACHEM)

A chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) event, irrespective of origin, can cause significant loss of life, and affect public health and the environment (acutely and chronically). The origin of the risk can be intentional (proliferation, theft, sabotage and illicit trafficking), accidental (industrial catastrophes, waste treatment and transport) or natural (mainly pandemics but also be the consequence of natural hazards by CBRN material and facilities). The management of chemicals and waste is a core element of international CBRN safety and security agendas. Chemical production, use and disposal continue to increase worldwde.

Chemical manufacturing and processing activities are steadily expanding and increasing. Accompanying this is a rising risk of human exposure to, and potential harm from, chemical exposures.

Whilst essential to prominent trade sectors (from farming to factory-based manufacture) and everyday life (household products), chemicals and their waste can be high-risk products that have the potential to be harmful to public health and the environment, whether through accidental cause or criminal action. 

P61 has been extended as a result of COVID-19, and is aiming to finish delivery in 2022

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